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As part of the Lindsay Lohan going-to-jail-circus, the director of “Inferno,” which she’ll begin shooting as soon as she’s released, announced that Lindsay has agreed to do full frontal in the flick. Which makes sense, since she’ll be playing porn star Linda Lovelace. The director assures us that the nudity will not be shot in a cinematic fashion, and adds that it will be more of a “violent nudity.” After all little LiLo has gone through these past few years, I don’t know if she needs to add “violent nudity” to her resume right next to “rehab frequenter” and “jailbird.” Regardless, it sounds like we are about to see all of Lohan’s business that hasn’t been captured in one of her racy photo shoots. To help Lohan do it right, we rounded up 10 actresses who have bared it all in the name of the cinema yet still managed to keep it classy. Let’s hope Lindsay takes notes even when she is not in the courtroom.





Kate Winslet has been giving up the goodies in the movies since almost the beginning of her career. But thanks to keeping her choices tasteful and her acting amazing, the fact that she gets naked never takes away from the film or her credibility. Well, except for the peeing in “Holy Smoke.” But she does show us that when you strip down, there is usually a sexy male co-star to accompany you. I am thinking Patrick Wilson in “Little Children.” Yum.



Halle Berry bared all for her Oscar-winning role in “Monster’s Ball” — and proved my Kate Winslet theory wrong by showing not all men you get naked with in movies are attractive. Sorry, Billy Bob.



Just like you’d expect an actress playing a porn star to appear sans clothes, you probably expect someone playing a stripper to take it all off as well. So it shouldn’t be surprising that Demi Moore went completely nakey in “Striptease.” What should be surprising is how absolutely awesome her body is.



Angelina Jolie has been appearing scantily clad since an early age, but she took it all off to play the title character in “Gia.” I wonder if she used it to enticeBrad Pitt over to Team Angie?


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