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Celebrity Faces Being DESTROYED By DRUGS



Lindsay Lohan

The once fresh-faced teen star of “Mean Girls” was a role model for healthy body image and positivity. After an early start in acting, it was believed she had avoided the child star curse. Until about 2007, when a string of DUI and drug busts brought her under fierce criticism. Her downward spiral has been pretty much constant since then despite a string of rehab stints. Her thin and haggard appearance combined with an often bloated face points to a large amount of cocaine use.




Macaulay Culkin
The public was shocked when photos of the “Home Alone” actor looking worriedly gaunt and unkempt surfaced. The child star’s problems with drugs were well known, but the depth of his addiction as seen in the pictures was shocking as the relatively private actor is rarely seen in public. His drug use caused the breakdown of his longterm relationship with Mila Kunis, but we hope Culkin is getting hope from somewhere.




Courtney Love
Courtney Love has been very open about her drug use and struggles with addiction over the course of her rocky past. Love has admitted to using heroin (including in the first trimester of her pregnancy), ecstasy and cocaine among many other drugs, and the combined effects have caught up her looks, including bloating and premature aging. Love is now proudly clean.



Mischa Barton
Another sad tale of a young star fallen from grace, Mischa Barton struggled to find work after her hit television show “The OC” ended. A turn to cocaine and excessive party caused her to gain weight rapidly, only worsening her struggle to find work. In 2009, she was hospitalized on psychiatric hold. The incident seemed to spark some slight improvement in the starlet, although it has not deterred her from her physically draining lifestyle.




Whitney Houston
One of the most tragic stories of a superstar and icon ruined by addiction, Houston’s decline began in the late 90′s while she was still making music. Suspicions were already aroused before she signed a massive record deal in 2001 due to her dramatic weight loss and toxic relationship with Bobby Brown. She later admitted to heavy cocaine use, along with several dangerous prescription drugs.The singer tragically passed away in 2012 due to an accidental drowning as a result of drug use and heart disease.




Kate Moss
You’d think a model would know better than to ruin the one thing that makes her career – but that didn’t stop Kate Moss from a cocaine addiction and a smoking habit that ruined her skin and teeth. A scandal caused by a tabloid publishing pictures of her snorting cocaine in 2005 didn’t curb her habit at all, rather increasing her notoriety as a party girl and it-girl. The star now looks light years older than her actual age of 39, due in part to infamous ‘coke bloat.’

amy-winehouse-before (5)


Amy Winehouse
Winehouse was not long in the music business before she got into dangerous drugs. A brief recovery from addiction led to the creation of her critically acclaimed album “Back to Black.” The soulful singer soon returned to a dangerous mix of cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, heroin and alcohol due in part to a troubled marriage in 2007. The drugs took their toll physically – the star was gaunt and often had bloody scratches and bruises all over her body. Predictably but sadly, she passed away of alcohol poisoning in 2011.




Amanda Bynes
Although Bynes categorically denies any drug use outside of tobacco, recent pictures of the ill-fated child star would suggest otherwise. Her cheeks are showing symptoms of cocaine bloating, and pictures taking inside her room show various drug paraphernalia. It would certainly be an explanation for her recent erratic behavior and appearance. We only hope this much loved comedienne can get back on track before it’s too late.









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