SCANDALOUS Hidden Disney Moments… What A MINDF*CK



Aladdin and the Balcony
On the balcony, Aladdin attempts to calm the tiger down. As he is doing this, he pulls back and Jasmine comes out onto the scene. As she does, someone says “Take off your clothes.” You’ll have to turn the volume up to hear it. Some people say it sounds like “Good teenagers take off their clothes.” Disney says that it says “Take off and go.” Of course, that really doesn’t make sense.




Little Mermaid and the Original VHS Cover
One of the biggest and most famous scandals occurred with the “Little Mermaid.” In the middle of the castle in the background there is a large golden penis. The artist is the one who revealed this detail. He had just found out that he was being fired. To get even, he put in the penis and then notified the press after the VHS was distributed. It created such a scandal that Disney redid all of the covers and re-released it. You’ll have to find the original cover to see this scandalous moment.




Hercules’s Cradle
In “Hercules”, Zeus makes the baby god a cradle. He makes it out of clouds. As he does, a penis appears at the top of the cradle, grows, and then drops down. Disney claims that people see the strangest shapes in clouds. Unfortunately for them, this is an animated cloud, and it’s obvious that it’s not just an innocent little pillar.



Hercules and the Muse’s Dress
The Disney film “Hercules” has another scandalous moment when the Muses begin to sing “Zero to Hero” after Hercules defeats the Hydra. After the line “is he bold,” one of the muses steps up and her dress flies open. The scandalous part is that she isn’t wearing underwear. It’s only there for a second though.




Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit
There are a lot of scandalous moments in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” when it comes to Jessica Rabbit. But one of the more hidden moments is when Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins hit the light post. Jessica Rabbit flips out of the car and spirals out. As she does, her dress flies up, and she is wearing no underwear.




Lion King and Sex in the Sky
When Simba lays down on the cliff, the dust twirls up into the sky. It appears in the word “sex” for a brief moment at the end of the movie. It caused a fuss, and Disney could not really explain it away.



The Rescuers and a Topless Woman
When Bernard and Bianca are flying through the city, they pass by a number of windows. At approximately the 38 minute mark, they pass a topless woman. It isn’t just a vague topless woman; there is detail. Once this was discovered, disney recalled the movie. However, you can still see this moment in old versions.



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