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We get that having a tan can feel good, especially in the summer.  But most of us don’t understand Tanning Mom’s desire to obtain that leathery shade of brown. And then there are others for whom Patricia Krentcil is a tanning icon.

Trish Paytas — you might remember her from an episode of “My Strange Addiction” – doesn’t get why everyone is attacking Tanning Mom.  “I don’t know why people were making such a fuss — [Tanning Mom's] a beautiful color. Her tan would look great on me,” said the 24-year-old lingerie model who spends about $40,000 a year to get her skin that color. We beg to differ.

We suspect Trish is suffering from tanorexia, but she doesn’t agree. “I’m not addicted. I could stop any time. But I feel so much better and confident when I’m tanned,” she explained. You can’t argue with denial. But you can argue with her styling choices. [The Sun UK]

Although her status as The Tannest Person In The World will never be surpassed, there are others who try to out-tan Tanning Mom. As if. But we appreciate the attempt. Click through to see more of the world’s tannest human beings. Warning: You may have the sudden urge to run out and buy SPF 80. Perfectly normal.

99 Tan Baloons

Panic bells it’s red alert/There’s something here from somewhere else/The war machine springs to life/Opens up one eager eye/Focusing it on the sky as 99 tan balloons go by.

Ganguro Girl

Ganguro, which literally translates to “black face” in Japanese, was a late ’90s fashion trend that contradicted traditional Japanese beauty ideals — including deep tans, bleached blonde hair, and bright makeup and clothing. Maybe this is the look Trish was going for?

Amber Portwood

Last we heard,”Teen Mom’”s Amber Portwood was facing jail time or rehab or something. Apparently,that’s secret code for spending hours in a tanning bed. [Pale Is The New Tan]

Unknown Woman Laying Out

This woman is definitely jockeying to be the nextTanning Mom. How dare she.

Leather Skin Suit

And so is this woman. She might actually have a shot if she takes her little boy to the tanning salon.


Ross’ claim to fame is being Scotland’s number one male Barbie.Whatever that means. When he appeared on the BBC show “Snog, Marry Avoid?” he had no problem telling the world that “pale is nasty.” Ross’ goal is to look like Beyonce.

Too Tan Barbie

Maybe Ross should date this girl who appears to be his female counterpart.
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